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My Journey to Natural Skincare




My name is Amy and I am so happy you are interested in learning about my natural skincare products! I would like to share with you a little bit about myself and how Rustik Ridge Naturals came to be.


Several years ago after having my kids, I experienced an acne outbreak over my face, chest and back. I had these unexplainable bumps all over that seemed to come out of nowhere and they weren't going away! After trying some diet and exercise changes, the bumps still weren't budging so I started to look carefully at the skincare products I was using at the time. I learned that some of the ingredients in the skincare I was using were hormone/endocrine disruptors, could cause irritation/hives, or increase risk of cancer! No thanks!

That lit a fire in me to start learning about how I could make natural skincare with healthy, safe, gentle ingredients that would soothe, nourish & protect my skin. I wanted to make skincare products that I felt good about using on myself and on my whole family.


So I started researching how to go about doing this and discovered the School of Natural Skincare in the UK. I registered for their Certificate & Diploma courses for Formulating Natural Skincare and I loved learning about different skin types, ingredients and how to formulate natural and effective skincare products. Once I was finished the courses, I built my first product line and started Rustik Ridge Naturals in April 2018!


Over the years, I have developed and offered a variety of skincare products for face, body, bath & soap. I enjoy attending markets, meeting new customers, helping them on their skincare journey & crafting new products or scent blends. Since using my own natural and healthy skincare products, my acne has significantly improved and I am so pleased to have helped many customers with their skin issues too! It has always been my goal to provide high-quality skincare products that are safe, beautiful, effective & affordable and I believe I have provided that.

Formulating and crafting natural skincare products is a passion of mine and I hope that you find joy and reassurance in using them too. I'm always happy to chat about my products if you have any questions!

~ Amy


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