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Journey to Natural Skincare




My name is Amy and I am so happy you are here checking out my website and my natural skincare products! Crafting my own skincare products became important to me when I became aware that most of the beauty products we were using were filled with ingredients that were irritating, synthetic and even harmful. I started scouring the internet for recipes for natural skincare, but I quickly realized that recipes I found on Pinterest were not effective, were made using all sorts of measurements, including cups, teaspoons, drops, etc, and most were not safe because they were not properly preserved. So I looked into properly educating myself so that I could understand ingredients, understand how our skin works and what ingredients benefit all our different skin types. That's where I found the School of Natural Skincare in the UK that offered a diploma course in Formulating Natural Skincare. So I joyfully dove into that and received my diploma in only a few months. After that, I formulated my line of products and launched my business, Rustik Ridge Naturals. You can be assured that my products include effective ingredients that will benefit your skin type, will be consistent because I weigh all my ingredients by weight, not by volume or drops, and will be safe because I have learned how to properly preserve products that include water.

Formulating and crafting beautiful and effective skincare products is a passion of mine and I hope that you can find joy in using them too. I'm always happy to chat about my products if you have any questions! Feel free to send me an email!


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